The Abacus program is offered in English, Hindi, Konkani and  Marathi.

Abacus instrument and the course material will be provided once you have registered your child for the program.

The children are taught to do mental calculations with and without using abacus from the first level.

Yes, children feel very confident and can perform calculations faster than a calculator.

This Abacus program helps a kid by developing strong mental math skills by using Visualisation technique. This not only helps the child to improve in math, but also helps in improving the overall learning ability of the

Yes! Enrolled students are assigned homework after every class and they must finish the homework before they attend the next class.

No, it does not interfere with the methods followed in the School for teaching math.

Yes, by using abacus both the left and the right brain are used, hence enabling kids to focus better by improving their concentration.

It is recommended for children from ages 5 till 12.